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Kulthorn is a leading manufacturer of efficient, durable reciprocating compressors, condensing units, and motors serving the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industry.

Business Leaders

Strategy, Revenue, Growth, Expansion. As CEO, chief procurement officer, director of global supply chain, purchasing director or other business leader, partnering with Unada for integrated supply, engineering and product development services, you can direct your focus toward these big picture issues, knowing our goals are your objectives.

Sourcing Managers

Sourcing managers all engage in a never-ending quest to maintain production schedules and contain costs through strategic purchasing and responsive supplier partners.


If you’re like many engineers, your work never ends. Not only are you managing a handful of products in various stages of design and development, one or two new “top priority” projects loom. You need help. But who can you depend on to fully understand your commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence? Someone who knows the importance of combining old-fashioned ingenuity with the productivity-enhancing tools of technology?

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Complete Refrigeration Solutions

Electronically Commutated
Motor & Fan

Kulthorn’s electronically commutated motors are designed to perform at peak efficiency. These EC motors offer significant advantages over the shaded pole Q-frame units they are built to replace. Perfect for bottle coolers, food-service
cabinets, display cases and other refrigerated modules, they work efficiently and can last up to 10 years. Kulthorn offers EC motors with up to 70 watts in capacity, capable of driving 6-inch to 14-inch fan blades.

Features & Benefits

Three programmable speeds, timed reverse on alert; pulse with modulation, and bluetooth enabled.

Reciprocating Hermetic Compressor

Kulthorn’s reciprocating compressors are energy optimized for dependable service, cost-effective operation, and versatile application in extreme refrigeration environments. Kulthorn compressors incorporate compact design and rigorous
duty cycles, making them ideal for heavy duty operation and confined spaces. They are solid choices for most commercial and domestic use, as they are available with operating ranges from 1/20 to 10 horsepower and are approved
for the use with R290, R-404A/507, R407C and R-134a refrigerants.

Features & Benefits

Among the most efficient on the market; utra-low global warming potential (GWP); reliable performance; durability.

Condensing Unit

Designed especially for power-saving efficiency in retail settings, Kulthorn’s condensing units lower operating costs for reach-in refrigerators, walk-in coolers, and in-store freezers. Available in sizes from 1/5 to 5 horsepower,
these units deliver precise temperatures while conserving electricity.

Features & Benefits

Up to 30 percent more energy efficient than the industry standard;
variable-speed fan motor; large condenser coils; innovative fan blade design.

The Kulthorn Advantage

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Thousands of customers in over 75 countries are growing their business with Kulthorn.

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Your business needs to perform quickly, reliably and in step with today’s fast-changing market. You need a supplier that’s as responsive as you are. Put the power of Kulthorn to work for you. Together we can redefine what’s possible.

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“Since partnering with Kulthorn, we have less market failure. They give us support at every step of the manufacturing process.” -- Nikki Seeder

“Since we started selling KK compressors, we have been able to gain new customers and tap into new markets.” -- Charlie D.

“This year we increased our bottom line by $200,000. Thanks to switching to KK. Great so far” -- Doug Jones

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