Natural Refrigerants

Many of Kulthorn’s products are optimized to work with propane (R290) an isobutane (R600a) refrigerant. These products are rated at zero ozone-depleting potential and near-zero global warming potential, are compatible with pools commonly used in cooling and refrigeration systems, and deliver significant energy efficiency.

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Kulthorn abides by polices and values that sustain the world in which we live and the business environment in which we and our customers operate. We believe in conserving our natural resources and creating prosperity for our neighbors through efficient operations, waste reduction, and collaborative engineering.

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True to its commitment to social responsibility principles and environmental stewardship, Kulthorn has developed line of compressors and condensing units that operate with natural refrigerants. Propane (R290) and isobutene (R600a) coolant solutions developed by Kulthorn laboratories not only carry zero ozone depleting potential and near-zero global warming potential, they also offer significant energy savings and cooling efficiency compared to traditional hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants.

For nearly a decade, Kulthorn’s R290 compressors have beena dominant force in Europe and Asia. With changing regulations,this technology is poised to gain significant market share in North America, especially among OEMs that use 1/5- to 1 1/2-horsepower compressors in their beverage coolers and other display and self-contained retail products. These hydrocarbon systems have been shown to consume 15 to 20 percent less power when operating within high ambient temperatures.



Kulthorn believes sustainable practices not only preserve resources and opportunities for future generations, but also create opportunities for progress and prosperity for our company and our customers. By concentrating on
research and development, we can make products that conserve energy, last longer, maintain our standard of living, and create a safer and healthier world. Over the years, Kulthorn has worked to manufacture its own component parts and secure critical raw materials whenever possible, in order to bring greater quality control, reduce political and geographical risk, and enforce more stringent environmental protections throughout our supply chain.

At the same time, we have helped ensure the HVAC&R industry’s sustainability by coordinating efforts with our customers to optimize operational efficiency, reduce waste, and streamline production and delivery. This has strengthened both Kulthorn and its OEM and aftermarket partners by building lasting relationships, shared responsibilities, and the flexibility to respond to changing markets.


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